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Why Your Partner Webinar Attendance May be Down

I have been on over a twenty webinars for partners this year so far with master agencies and providers.  Here are some reasons why attendance may be down.

1. The presentations Suck!
2. There isn't really a point or a solid take-away.
3. It's cloud all day until you want to puke.

I wrote about the poor presentation performance before. In that post, I also mentioned having a Goal to the webinar. What will the number 1 take away be for the attendee?

The constant barrage of cloud noise is not helping. It is Cloud day and night. That would be fine IF the presenters could be specific but they aren't.

I'm not even certain that the providers know the difference between hosting and cloud. (Hint: built-in redundancy.)

They act like Hybrid is a brand new strategy. It's not. It has always been Hybrid - meaning there have always been elements of the computing infrastructure borrowed/rented, hosted and owned. The presentations lack specifics. By that I mean, who buys it; specifically what industries and what is the buyer's title; and why are they buying it.

SDWAN is much younger but most vendors can answer those questions (sd-wan answers: retail to save money!)

Cyber-security, Big Data, IOT, Hybrid IT, Private Cloud, et al - a lot of noise if you can't be specific and byte sized.

4 Things to Improve:

  1. It comes down to Headlines and Subject Name. You have to grab them with a headline.
  2. Then make it relevant. Keep it Simple. 
  3. Give them an actionable take-away.
  4. Practice! Don't wing it. 

2 other things:

  1. Shorten it.
  2. Can you make it inter-active?


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