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Broadsoft and the UCaaS Sector Today

On an analysis call about Broadsoft and Broadcloud today, no mention of Broadsoft selling direct to end-users via the channel. Yet I have it confirmed that channel partners CAN sell BroadCloud seats putting the deals through Ingram or Telarus to get paid commissions.

Now BSFT is like every other vendor: competing directly with their clients.

There is a rumor that BSFT will be launching a CPaaS soon. That would make them compete against Vonage/Nexmo, twilio and their own vendor Any revenue is needed to keep that stock up.

No idea why Avaya is on a call about BSFT, except that Avaya is releasing a new firmware upgrade for its handsets to re-configure them to be compatible with Broadsoft. So that means another handset vendor that is certified for BSFT -- at a time when handset sales are flat or declining in lieu of softphones.

Slack came up in the same breath as UC-One often. FYI.. Slack has more than 5 Million daily users -- that is more seats than MITEL has (3.2 million). They have 1.5 million paying users, which is more seats than any UC player has.

Amazon who is working with Level3 (soon to be C-Link) and Vonage. They have Cloud Contact Center. They have free tools for contact center. They have Chime, the Webex competitor. If they pivot to UC for SMB, it may be game over when they figure it out.

The only competitors mentioned on the call were RingCentral, 8x8 and Cisco Spark. RC is so good at marketing that people think they are the king of the UC ring. They are not. The surprise to me was no mention of Microsoft Skype4B. Once voice enabled becomes standard, many Hosted VoIP players will have to pivot from dial-tone replacement.

UCaaS functionality is about the same across the board. So how are channel partners choosing a UCaaS Provider to work with? Price; Commission (SPIFF); ease of doing business; or a relationship with the vendor.


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